Eat the Right Way at Your Next Event

August 22, 2016

In light of the Summer 2016 Olympics, sports have become a topic on everyone’s mind. Whether you are focused on the upcoming high school Friday Night Lights, college basketball a few months out, or any of your favorite pro sports, being set in the food department helps you be able to focus on the most […]

Festival Foods Goes to Philadelphia Freedoms Tennis

August 15, 2016

On August 10th, Festival Food Management headed over to Villanova University to catch a Philadelphia Freedoms tennis match. In addition to the excitement of the two men Andy Roddick and Donald Young going head-to-head on the court, we were sure to bring a little something of our own for the crowds. What could that be, […]

5 Summer Foods for Your Lunch

July 21, 2016

Finally, summer is here!  And with that sunshine and warm weather comes a plethora of delicious fruits and vegetables that are perfectly in season and waiting for you to eat them.  Fruits and vegetables go great with every meal, so we decided to put together a list of 5 of our favorite summer foods for […]

Aspects of Planning a Large Event

July 18, 2016

Planning an event of any size can be both exciting and stressful, and these feelings usually increase with the size of the event. There are many similarities in organizing events regardless of size, but there are some aspects of preparation that are unique to planning a large event. This can oftentimes seem like an overwhelming […]

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