Aspects of Planning a Large Event

July 18, 2016

Planning an event of any size can be both exciting and stressful, and these feelings usually increase with the size of the event. There are many similarities in organizing events regardless of size, but there are some aspects of preparation that are unique to planning a large event. This can oftentimes seem like an overwhelming project to take on, even for seasoned event coordinators, but don’t worry! Planning a large event can be fun and a lot easier than it sounds if you know what you need to plan for. This post will help outline some of the biggest aspects and challenges involved with planning large scale events.


Venue selection for a large event is extremely important. If you are planning to have a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people, you want to ensure that the venue can comfortably hold that many people. Large events run the risk of overcrowding, and you don’t want to lose guests simply due to lack of space. Just think, nobody enjoys standing shoulder to shoulder in large crowds. You should also consider parking and transportation near the venue. How will most of your guests be arriving? Is there adequate parking or mass transit nearby? Will you need to shut down certain streets if your event is outdoors? These are important questions to ask yourself when choosing a venue.


As for all events, entertainment is an important factor. What is going to make people stay once they arrive to your event? In small events, it is easier to target your audience and predict what specific kind of entertainment is most appealing to them. However, in large events with huge crowds, it is crucial to diversify your entertainment options so that they appeal to different ages, genders, and interest groups. You also should have many different entertainment options available to crowds at the same time to avoid overcrowding. This may be an expensive venture, but it is critical to make sure your guests are all happy and entertained with a variety of options.


A notable difference between small and large events is that large events inevitably attract more attention, including attention from the media. If you are throwing a large event, you need to be prepared for potential media coverage such as local newspapers or news channels. Make sure you set aside time to answer their questions and give them space to set up, as the media could be a great advertising tool for future events you organize!

Staff / Floor Plan:

You will want to make sure that you have a well-developed flow or floor plan in place so that you are best optimizing the space of your venue. This can often be one of the most difficult aspects in planning a large event. In planning where the entertainment stages will go, entrances, food stands, and even bathroom placement, it’s important that your event is set up in a way that flows smoothly and it easy to navigate. It is also important that you hire enough staff members to run your event and ensure that things are running smoothly. Under-staffing can be a big issue at large events, so make sure you have enough bodies in place!

Food / Beverages:

One of the hardest aspects of planning a large event is the food and beverage preparation. What will your guests want to eat? How much food should you order? How many food vendors should you hire? Oftentimes at large events, refreshments lines are extremely long and the service is slow. Or, worst of all, vendors run out of food before the event is over! A well fed crowd is a happy crowd, so planning out the preparation equipment, inventory, and food menus is extremely important.


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